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PRESS RELEASE, Melbourne, 26th November 1999


The 'cat is out of the bag' as to why certain well known players have been achieving prodigious distances with their drives over the last few months. The design and components of the clubs have not changed but there has been a change not visible to the human eye - the clubs have undergone the COLDfire Thermal Cycling Process.

Mr Jim Harrison, the chief executive of COLDfire Thermal Technologies Australasia said today, "We don't know how the media tapped on to the fact that we have been running an extensive test program here prior to the "official" launch of COLDfire, but now the cat is out of the bag we thought it best to set the record straight. It is hard to believe that space age technology can help any golfer gain an extra 10 to 15 yards with their own club but that is a fact with clubs treated by the COLDfire Thermal Cycling Process".

The COLDfire Thermal Cycling Process was first used during various NASA research programs and has now found application with numerous Fortune 500 companies including Prat & Whitney, Remmington Arns and DuPont as well as the US Mint and the CIA.

When the metal of a golf club is exposed to the process of extreme temperatures, the metallurgical characteristics change dramatically. Molecules fuse together, eliminating vibration and loss of energy. "We are not quite ready for mass processing at this time,"said Harrison, "bur to demonstrate that this is not another snake oil claim we will have a range of branded clubs treated and untreated at The Australian PGA for professionals and the media to evaluate. The reports will be made available to the public and any interested parties, including golf club manufacturers".

In a concluding remark Harrison said, "This is the best chance ever for amateurs to beat the pros at their own game."

COLDfire Golf

Thanks to COLDfire golfers can now experience the miracle benefits of Cryogenic Thermal Cycling. Cryogenic Thermal Cycling is a complex process that involves cryogenically freezing the clubhead to -310 F, combined with a cycling heating process that delivers temperatures up to over 400 F. This dynamic process has a profound effect on the lattice structure of the clubhead and all metals: the crystals are realigned to almost perfection into a homogeneous pattern, drastically changing the metal's modulus of resilience/vibration, yielding a vast improvement in the club's strength, durability and efficiency.

At the precise millisecond the clubhead comes into contact with the ball, a tremendous amount of energy is released (Kenetic Energy). The majority of the energy transfers into the ball, but the remaining energy is lost in the clubhead and shaft in the form of vibration. Shaft manufacturers are aware of this problem and have sought to correct it through the implementation of a variety of dampening devices. The COLDfire Thermal Cycling Process harnesses this lost energy and returns it to the ball; the results are explosive. This greater transfer of energy not only gives you more distance, it also provides more solid contact with less torque. This produces longer, straighter shots with a better feel and a more solid sound.

Using independent Iron Byron tests on identical name brand drivers, COLDfire treated clubs showed an average gain of 13.5 yards, a ball velocity increase of over 7 mph and a tighter dispersion pattern of approximately 5.5 yards




Imagine driving the ball farther than you've ever dreamed...

The COLDfire Thermal Cycling process represents a major breakthrough in golf technology. Cryogenic Thermal Cycling, a process that enables molecular enhancement, will transform your current set of clubs into the most efficient distance drivers you've ever used. Cryogenic Thermal Cycling was first used in NASA research programs and has now found applications with numerous Fortune 500 companies including Pratt & Whitney, Remington Arms and DuPont as well as the US Mint and CIA.

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