What is the COLDfire Revolution?

The COLDfire Thermal Cycling process represents a major technological breakthrough that can improve every aspect of Industry and production.

The COLDfire thermal cycling process is several steps beyond anything even dreamt about by the developers of Cryogenic Technology. This is a process that not only realises the most positive effects of cryogenics, but adds a heat tempering stage to significantly reduce, and in some cases eliminate, high frequency vibration in metal components, the cause of most wear.

Because the COLDfire process is generations ahead of current cryogenic treatments, the changes in material structure can be made in a fraction of the time taken by what is, in comparison to COLDfire, a primitive process.

The COLDfire Thermal Cycling process has demonstrated improvements in wear life of up to three times. By uniquely altering grain structures at the molecular level it permits extensive stress relief to take place in the material being treated. This then results in measurable reductions in micro-cracking as an added benefit to the extension of wear properties.

That’s the COLDfire advantage, a process so advanced it is light years ahead of conventional cryogenic technology.

COLDfire, the Hi-Tech Advantage

The COLDfire Thermal Cycling process has proven capable of dramatically improving the performance and wearability of a wide variety of parts, tooling and components used daily in manufacturing and industrial applications.

Initially developed by NASA for the strengthening of critical materials at extreme sub-zero temperatures, COLDfire, as currently used in the space program, is now available in Australia to extend life and improve the performance of high wearing components or where safety and performance are major concerns.

The COLDfire Thermal Cycling process, developed over the past five years, has revolutionised the industries of Cryogenics and Heat Tempering. COLDfire has demonstrates results exceeding double the wear life previously available by the application of these other process alone.

The COLDfire Thermal Process has been widely tested by leading edge laboratories a number of large corporations worldwide. In every application tested it has produced results not previously thought possible.

The COLDfire Thermal Cycling Process is unique amongst all other thermal treatments. The precise computer control duplicates the optimal thermal curve for each specific material. It regulates the temperature change so precisely that it brings an absolute of consistency not available from any other tempering process.

Because of this precision and accuracy there is no likelihood of warping or distortion of any kind. The process subjects tooling and components, in a specifically constructed chamber, to extremes of temperature approaching –200C then, using a precise sequence of temperature variations, changes the molecular structure of the components into a more refined grain structure providing dramatic gains in strength. In most cases this refinement occurs with no increase in hardness.

The COLDfire process then applies a heat treatment to the component which locks the increased wearability in place permanently, while maintaining or increasing the original ductility of the material.

COLDfire is not a surface treatment!

We don't expect you to believe us, but click here to read testimonials from independent users of the COLDfire process.


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