COLDfire Thermal Cycling - An Introduction

By extending the standard heat and quench cycles of conventional metallurgical practice to the cryogenic reaches of the temperature scale, certain desirable structural changes are induced in alloys commonly used in industrial applications. Controlled Thermal Cycling between minus 350 degrees F ( - 215 degrees C) and + 350 degrees F (+ 180 degrees C) markedly improves the wear life of steel and cemented carbide tooling and wear parts. Thermal Cycling, performed after conventional heat treating, enhances tool life by three known mechanisms:

  • The conversion of significant amounts of retained austenite to martensite.

  • The formation of fine carbide particles.

  • The relief of residual stresses.

COLDfire South Africa is capable of dramatically improving the performance characteristics of a wide variety of materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, metallic alloys, carbides, plastics (including Nylon and Teflon) and ceramics.

The process supplements standard heat/quench tempering, completing metallurgical changes that heat treating begins. Under a computer's control, temperatures inside the Thermal Cycling chamber are brought down according to a prescribed time-table. Strict computer control and proper processing profiles for each application, ensure that optimum results will be achieved with no dimensional change or chance of thermal shock. 

The inventor of Thermal Cycling, COLDfire USA, has been working with metallurgy and metal tempering since 1980, for the last 20 years. COLDfire USA has over 60 systems in operation in the U.S.A, Australia, Japan and Europe. Thermal Cycling Technology is now available in South Africa.

If tools are to be used to their maximum life, the treatment of choice must be Thermal Cycling. Experience the difference with COLDfire.


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